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If you would like to support the project by contributing to its realization, you can vote for us on the Occitanie region website. You can also bring any amount to the Leetchi prize pool.

Fighting climate change by having fun

The idea of Terra Nova Game is to create an innovative application to promote ecology. To progress in this role-playing game, the challenges will have to be met. These missions will be real actions for ecology to be accomplished in the real world.

The urgency of the ecological situation

Since the scientists sounded the alarm, there has been an increase in ecological actions throughout the French territory. Unfortunately, these actions are carried out by small groups of people who are isolated from each other and who lack visibility in the face of the magnitude of the expected environmental consequences. We propose to bring together and promote all green actions and initiatives in one application within the reach of anyone with a smartphone. It will bring together and offer a list of possible actions to be carried out close to home, associations in which to engage and professionals respectful of the environment. This project aims to create a more organized and accessible movement through a role-playing game.

Creating synergy

Our goal is to establish a long-lasting and strong link between eco-responsible users and committed partners. To do this, we will propose challenges and missions to be carried out that will be validated in the interface by the partner once the link is established.

Types of shares

Participate in ecological events

Organising actions for the environment

Buy local and responsible products

Buy used rather than new products

Many more…

Spirit of the game

Earn experience points by performing green actions to gain levels, unlock skills, access new missions and win trophies.

This is how we want to make ecology more attractive and mobilize a broad audience. We think it will be together and in the spirit of the game that we will be able to face the greatest challenge of our time.


We support non-governmental organizations WWF, Greenpeace, Embracing the World and Unicef. If one day the application generates some benefit, we will redistribute them to these players of positive change.

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