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Terra Nova Game will have two different interfaces, one for users facing the challenges and one for the professional or associative partners that offer them.

The player will have access to the different parts of the app through a main menu.

The reception will feature a summary of the user's progress, level of experience and profile picture. The rest of the screen will be divided into two parts between current missions and notifications. Notifications could be partner highlights, important ecological news (see 'News') or recommended missions or motivational messages. 

The News Feed will include a summary of the user's progress, level of experience and profile picture. The rest of the screen will be a thread made up of new information about ecology as well as potentially some relevant banner ads.

The map allows users to identify the closest partners and missions and will also highlight contributing partners. The user will be able to choose an action and go to the partner to do it. This same partner will validate the action in question once completed. The player will then receive experience points. 

The community part will offer the opportunity to find other users. Groups can be created to find those in the same geographic area, who have common interests, or friends who want to experience Terra Nova together. On this screen there will also be events related to eco-responsible actions.

Through the proposed missions, the map and the events, the user will get to know the presentation page of the partner who has proposed actions, will be able to read the description and form of engagement, find other missions, address and contacts as well as read the opinions of other users.

By accumulating experience points, the player will be able to reach higher levels and unlock certain badges. The dashboard will summarize the user's progress, a history of their evolution, a diagram of engagement in actions based on the different categories offered and the list of badges obtained. 

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